ESV Bible App

Building a better reading experience for premium content




The app has a large number of curated reading plans. A pain point Users shared was the feeling of being lost when inside of a plan. There was no sense of location. The experience didn’t communicate which days reading they were currently viewing. Also, while inside the assigned reading, there was no distinction in the UI that the user was viewing a reading plan.
Problem 🫤
Users were confused about how to navigate through and complete a reading plan. The current experience was disorienting, causing reading plan usage to drop.
No Communication of number of days in a plan
No clear way to complete a plan
Disorienting navigation within a plan
Solution ✅
Giving Plans their own distinct flow with clear steps, the ability to page, and a sense of place allows users to know where they are within their chosen plan.
A Better Reading Plan
Providing a clear home base with navigation between readings was a goal. Through multiple iterations, a calendar track with a clearly labeled paging component to define each reading gives users a clear sense of what day’s reading they’re on, as well as the ability to move through multiple readings.
Original Design Pain Points
Navigating through a plan
The original design allowed the user to page to the next reading in the series by tapping on icons that sat on top of a header image. Depending on the image, the icons weren't accessible and some users weren't aware they were there. Removing them and providing a swipeable calendar element allowed users to navigate through plans with a clear sense of how many days their plan would take.
Paging through multiple readings
To give users a sense of location, providing a paging element allows users to see where they currently are within a reading, and also provides a contrasting UI element that differs from the main Bible reading experience
Completing a Reading and Confirmation
Confirming completion was also a goal for the redesign. When reaching the end of a reading, providing a CTA in the paging component to confirm their completion as well as displaying a toast on the reading list gave users positive feedback and a feeling of accomplishment.
The Results
With the ESV app being a reading app at its heart, working on this design problem was one of the most exciting and rewarding. The update for Plans will be launching soon, so I'm excited to hear about your experience!