Taking Star Command to Infinity and Beyond




Though this isn’t the typical ‘product design’ case study, I believe it’s an example of working in a collaborative and fast-paced environment, embracing new  and unfamiliar technologies, while delivering unique and quality work. This was a passion project, done in-tandem on nights and weekends with my full-time role.
Expand on the existing Star Command design language and develop new graphic applications for Buzz's world.
I had the opportunity to create interfaces that Buzz interacts with, like the hand scanner above. After getting feedback and approval from Art leadership, I passed on the designs to motion designers and gave input in how the interactions would play out.
Star Command had a simple design language, but it needed to be expanded to work on the buildings of their basecamp. I developed a layout for a numbering system that could be applied to each warehouse to act as a wayfinding element. The Zap Fort carried out a monochromatic version of the same language.
Mission Patches
Each flight Buzz embarks on has its own unique ship and mission patch. Though not all patches are visible on his right shoulder during the montage, here are a few that represent the XL07, XL09, and one fave or mine that didn't make the cut for the XL03 flight.
“A great problem solver, his ability to adapt to the demands of working on a Pixar film were above par and his positive can-do attitude always made him a joy to work with. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Micah again!”
Paul Conrad
Art Director, Pixar
Easter Eggs
One of my favorite things that made it into the film, though you never see it clearly, is a portion of the planetary map used by D.E.R.I.C. to give directions to Buzz and the team. The art direction for the map was to reference topological maps and convey it in a style seen in this shot from the movie, Alien.
After getting buy-in from the lead graphic artist, I presented the map concept to the film’s director, Angus Maclane. After a few iterations, Angus approved the my design.
I created labels for key spots on the map that contain the locations name and coordinates. In the top right is a large crater, and though we never get a crystal clear shot of it, the label reads "Kit Crater". A few weeks after creating this map, our son Kit was born on February 16th, 2022.
I can't wait to share these easter eggs with him when he's older!
Delivered over 400 assets
Adapted to a world-class creative environment
Landed a spot in the credits
I learned so much about the collaborative nature of filmmaking, but also a lot about myself. Pushing myself to embrace the "blank page" the came along with a lot of the projects allowed me to think outside the box much more quickly that I can carry along with me into other projects.